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One of my all-time favourite restaurants in Melbourne is Bar Lourinhã. Mr.A and I eat here often because we love the small menu, the food is consistently awesome and the staff are super friendly. Even though it’s not as popular as some of the newer restaurants in town such as Chin Chin, Mamasita, etc, it is by far one of my favourite places to eat in Melbourne. Unfortunately, you can’t book a table unless its for a bigger group, but you usually don’t have to wait too long (I always find that it helps to arrive a little off the hour – for example at 6:45pm instead of 7:00pm etc when most people normally meet up!) The decor is eclectic and almost everything on the Spanish-Portuguese inspired menu is excellent. In fact, if you’re looking for a great date venue – a seat up at the bar would make for an absolutely awesome start to a date night!





I was recently had dinner at Bar Lourinhã in their upstairs private dining room where I got to take lots of photos of the food (unfortunately the restaurant downstairs has very low lighting which is great for ambience but not so much for blogging!). It also gave me an opportunity to sample most of the menu…:) Below are some of the dishes we had:


One of our favourite dishes on the menu: Lardo Soldiers


Bandarillas, octopus, olive, capsicum


One of their signature dishes – Kingfish, whole cured served with thyme and lemon oil


Jamon – Gran Roserva Montesano


Prawn tortilla


Asparagus, egg and onion


A must have: Spiced chickpea & spinach (with cumin, corriander, all spice, etc)


Braised beef short rib in red & white wine and all spice, served with potato (unfortunately I don’t eat beef so I didn’t try this myself but everyone else loved it!!)




One of the BEST!: Roasted mushrooms with garlic sauce


Suckling kid chanfana – traditional Portuguese goat dish, slow braised with paprika and potato (again, I didn’t eat this myself but it was a big hit!)



 Cheese platter: Livarot, Coeur de savoie, Gorgonzola piccante


Crema with pistachio praline and pomegranate



Unfortunately I didn’t have the churros this time around (and I’m generally not a massive fan of them to be honest) but the ones here are pretty good as they are served with dulce de leche! 

If you’re looking for a place to eat this weekend – I highly recommend you skip the usual spots and head to Bar Lourinha! Amazing food, great atmosphere and the best staff! Bar Lourinhã is also listed in Where Chef’s Eat as a recommendation by Dan Hunter!



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  • Julia


    Our date nights ! I’m crying now :((( looks so good lovely xxxx


  • Chantal


    Can’t believe I haven’t been there…. You’ve definitely inspired me to try it soon!


  • Ann


    Going there tonight! Lucky I have a friend who’s tried everything on the menu!
    I officially want everything. You didn’t make the choice any easier with all these glowing reviews!


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